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Jonge Jenever, Zeer oude Jenever, Loyaal and Rembrandt Korewijn
Van Wees young and old geneva and wheat wine casket #4
Including young genever, very old genevers and Rembrandt Korewijn (wheat wine)
Book: Dutch cooking Traditions, Ingredients, Tastes & Techniques
Book: Dutch Cooking: Traditions, Ingredients, Tastes and Techniques
Beautifully illustrated and stuffed with typical Dutch recipes.
Amsterdam gourmet onions
Kesbeke's Amsterdam gourmet onions (9)
Preferred by many due to their smaller size and their taste similar to the real Amsterdam onions.
Amsterdam, NL
Self portrait leaning on a stone sill, 1639
Cost saver: 8 Rembrandt etchings
Eight closely matching reproductions made by the Rembrandt House museum sent for the cost of one.
Amsterdam, NL

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