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Droste cocoa pack imported from Holland
Droste Cocoa mix for baking and drinking

Great for an old-fashioned cup of hot cocoa or refreshing glass of chocolate milk. Cocoa and Droste are real typical for Holland.

Book: Architectural Excursions: Frank Lloyd Wright, Holland and Europe
Architect. Excursions: Frank Lloyd Wright, Holland and Europe
About Frank Lloyd Wright's influential role in the development of modern architecture in Holland and Europe in the 1920s.
cocoa and chocolate 1765 -1914
Book: Cocoa and Chocolate, 1765-1914

Nowadays Amsterdam's port is the largest cocoa transit harbor in the world. Read about the world history of cocoa and chocolate in the long 19th century.

Stroopie Stroopwafels in Delft Netherlands Blue Tin
Stroopie Stroopwafels

Classic cookie made with 100% real cream butter and a syrupy caramel layer in the middle.


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